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I'm bored and randomly stumbled across this meme in my watchlist, so I figured I'd go ahead and fill it out. I miss my Skyrim, need to dig it out one of these days and play the fuck out of it lol

What's your type of arsenal?

[ ] Melee, I like to take things up close.
[x] Ranged, I take things at a distance. "Archery bitch!"
[ ] Magic, I love the Arcane arts.
[ ] Vary, I do what I can to survive.

What do you do when it comes to inventory?
[ ] Conservative, I save space.
[ ] Modest, I take what I can. 
[x] Greedy, Everything's mine! "I usually grab everything, sell the shit I don't want and stash the extra stuff at my house."

What kinds of difficulty do you play on?
[x] Easy ones, I play for the storyline. "I get pissed too easily if shit keeps killing me lol! I've got other games for challenges."
[ ] Medium-like, I want a good experience.
[ ] Hard ones, I like challenges.

What's your stance on killing?
[ ] I kill when I have to to survive.
[ ] I kill those who strike first.
[x] Dead bodies trail behind me. "I don't go on a murdering spree or anything, but if I know they're gonna have decent shit to sell, sorry buddy!"

How do you begin assault?
[ ] Up close. I want to take them out as soon as possible.
[x] Rogue. Take them down slowly in the shadows without risk of me dying. "Ninja bitch! xD I always hide in the shadows and snipe them from afar, or even up close if I'm not spotted. My sneak skill is amazing bro xD"
[ ] Vary. As long as they die, I don't care. 

How do you take adventure?
[x] Widespread, I like to explore the world around me. "I usually go and run across the entire map first, discovering as much shit as I can. Then I go back and start slowly on the quests, keeping the main one for last usually."
[ ] Linear, I try not to get off the track.
[ ] Vary, I just want to play the game. 

Where do you normally get your arsenal?
[ ] Scavenge it. Alot of my enemies have nice weapons. 
[ ] Purchase it. I have money to spare.
[ ] Create it. It'll have more sentimental value.
[x] Vary. I don't care as long as it does damage. "I mostly pick 'em up from bodies, but on occasion I'll buy shit, then upgrade them and shit later."

What's the most important item to you?
[ ] Weaponry.
[ ] Armory.
[ ] Money.
[x] Any kind of aid. "My fave items are my bow/arrows, healing/shop necklaces, sneaking/archery armour, and FOOOOOOOOOOOD. Yes I am that person who carries around a billion potatoes and pauses mid battle to eat them all. xDD"

Your destination is on top of a mountain. How do you get there?
[ ] Find an alternate path. 
[ ] Jump up the rocks.
[x] Defy the laws of physics with a horse. "HI HO SILVER, AWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY"
[ ] Ignore it and skip to somthing else.

What do you do when you kill someone?
[ ] Skip them and go onward.
[X] See what they have in their inventory. "Thats a nice sword you got there, shame if anyone came by and picked it upp... I'll take goood care of ittt for yaaaa."
[ ] Anything else.

You're dying. What do you do?
[ ] Drink potions. 
[ ] Cast a healing spell.
[x] Anything else. "OM NOM NOM NOM NOM -158 potatoes later- HUZZAAAHHH"
[ ] Don't heal at all.

What is the first thing you do when you enter a town?
[ ] Look for a job.
[ ] Restock on supplies.
[ ] Kill anything that moves.
[x] Sell your junk. "LOL, usually the ONLY reason other than quests that I go to towns for."
[ ] Get some new equipment.
[ ] Simply leave.

Dragon comes. What do?
[ ] Ragequit
[ ] Dragonrend
[ ] Run away
[ ] Cast Spells
[ ] Wait till it lands 
[ ] Hide in the nearest shelter

By the order of the Jarl, stop right there!
[ ] "I'd rather die than go to prison!"
[ ] Pay off your bounty. 
[ ] Submit and go to jail.
[x] You're with the Guild. "Or just pay up lol. I've got the goolllddd"

What race do you prefer?
[ ] High Elves.
[ ] Argonians.
[ ] Wood Elves.
[ ] Breton.
[ ] Dark Elves.
[ ] Imperial.
[ ] Khajiit.
[x] Nord. "I'm a racist bitch lol. But no matter what game I play, I'm a Nord because they remind me of the Scottish Highlanders xD"
[ ] Orc. 
[ ] Redguard.

Finally, tag someone with this.
[X] Anyone who feels like filling this shit out xDD
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